Troika #37: Electronicky

I was feeling the need for a bit of a change, so for this episode, I've chosen some of the electronic music that I've been playing in the last month or so. I feel the beats might help balance out the amount of ambient/shoegaze that I play. 'Electronic' covers a broad spectrum of course, but I'm not going to attempt to name each genre. I've also been getting more into Drum n' Bass (the melodic variety), 13 years after John Oxton King was banging on to me about Hospital Records. Anyway, that's for another episode. In this one I'm playing:

  1. Disappear by Meg Ward Bandcamp
    Meg is a Newcastle-based DJ who's been steadily putting out EPs over the last couple of years, but her new Meditate EP really caught my ear, and 'Disappear' in particular when I heard it on Annie Mac's BBC Radio 6 show. Also check out the Tyneside EP.
  2. Sundial by Bicep Bandcamp
    'Isles' is the new Bicep album and it was really hard to choose a single track to play here. It could've easily been 'Saku' or 'Apricots' or any of them, but Sundial just edges past them for me. This album will definitely be on the 2021 list. I'm convinced that the vocal refrain in this is singing about a 'baby owl'.
  3. Next to Me by DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ Bandcamp
    After the relative darkness of Bicep, here's something saccharine to brighten your mood! I know very little about DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ, except that I can't resist the nostalgia of her brand of house music. All her releases use a mid-90s 16bit aesthetic (with Sabrina the Teenage Witch being the subject matter). It's weird, but it works. This comes from the album 'Charmed' which, with a whooping 32 tracks, lasts over three hours! The start is pure late 90s cheese, but stick with it, and it becomes a cacophony of joyous sounds. It's fun!

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