TigerEye Identity

The TigerEye logo is black on yellow, a simplified pictogram of a Tiger's Eye with the white highlight of the eye contrasting with the yellow and black. The name TigerEye is written in a serif typeface

TigerEye is currently in development, so while I can't disclose product information, I can show the identity and part of the process behind it. Their logo needed to stand out against their competitors, which mostly used safe & conservative typefaces and colour palettes. The name already implied a bright yellow and black scheme.

One of the first stages was decide on capitalisation. All caps was too shouty, and the multiple instances of the letter E became more obvious. Sentence case also suffered from the repeated letter e, and could easily be misread. Camel Case solved these problems, breaking up the repetition of the E and enabling it to be read (both visually, and to screenreaders) as two words:

Comparison of the issues using different case styles on the name TigerEye

For the logomark, we focussed early on representing a Tiger Eye (the anatomy of Tiger, not the stone) and iterated until we reached the optimal version. Getting the direction of the eye (looking directly) without appearing too frightening was key:

A selection of the many versions and directions explored.

The corner of the eye leads onto the logotype, with the highlight on the eye itself giving it impact. Throughout iterations, Serif typefaces were trialled, settling on Tiempos Headline. The dot of the 'i' was subtly customised to match the size and shape of the highlight in the eye.

The mark was also designed to work primarily on white and yellow backgrounds, but I also developed monochrome and dark background versions as well.

Comparing the tiger eye logo mark on white, yellow and black backgrounds. On dark backgrounds the eye has a yellow border to help it stand out
A mockup of a hand holding a potential business card design. The card is yellow, with the black TigerEye logo and a strapline says 'Keep watch on your revenue'. The eye logo mark is repeated larger top right

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