TPGi Identity

The Paciello Group acquired Interactive Accessibility in 2018, and have now rebranded to become TPGi (The Paciello Group Interactive) and worked with them create their new logo. The Paciello Group's existing logo marks used a keyhole to convey 'unlocking digital devices for all', but also suggesting a person. Interactive Accessibility's logo mark suggested a similar concept, with a person breaking through digital barriers:

The colour palette was already set, but the logotype and mark were up for interpretation. We explored all options, but our chosen solution represented a combination of the two previous logos:

I'm always pleased if I can make something "as simple as possible, but no simpler". 'Reductive Design' is the process of removing the fluff and only using what you need. The 'reverse serif' (as I'm calling it) on the lowercase I acts as the persons arm, opening up the door (representing the digital device). It conveys their mission using as few elements as possible.

It's also designed to be flexible with colours, and work on a dark background in a few different ways:

The logotype uses a customised version of Poppins as it had precisely the shape of letterforms I was looking for - particularly on the G.

Not that the tools matter, but this was initially sketched in Concepts app on the iPad (gotta love an infinite canvas!) with the rest of the work all done in Figma. I like how I can easily keep all the iterations in one file, and I find it such a speedy tool to use. Adobe Illustrator was only used to create a CMYK version.

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